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1.) Contact us- complete the application, 

2.) Once application is received, we will set up an interview (30 to 45minutes) to discuss your needs / want in a puppy 




3.) Once we have a confirmed pregnancy then we will take a deposit. - We are a small breeder, thus we do not keep a long wait list. 

4.) Once the pup is 8 weeks old we do puppy evaluations to determine.  Assertiveness (human), Confidence, motivation level, tender heartedness, nerve strength, touch tolerance, energy level, sight and sound sensitivity, prey drive, human focused, & Dog friendliness. 

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On selection day, you will select your pup in the order of your deposit, you are welcome to come onsite, if not we will set up a facetime or zoom call for you to select. 

We go through the evaluations and what you are looking for and help you select your perfect new family member. 

Our Process: 

Our process is a little different then other breeders, we want the best for our pups and want to ensure that we are honoring them.



1.) Dew claw removed - this helps with grooming of the front paws 

2.) 2 sets of vaccines to protect your pup against parvo, we do not want to risk this with any of our pups- these are administered by our vet, you will need 2 more sets to have your pup fully vaccinated 

3.) Kennel trained puppy - this helps with the first few nights, so you can get some sleep... I sacrifice sleep so you can get yours and enjoy your new baby. 

4.) Puppy evaluation so you can select the best baby for you and your family

5.) Puppy pack which includes, Snuggle Puppy, puppy blanket, puppy food, and so much more 

6.) Lifetime support for your puppy, including training. 

7.) Discounts for 1 month free health insurance, and a discount with a professional trainer - Baxter and Bella- 25% off with code "Tinypaws25"

8.) 2 year health guarantee 

9.) Life time take back of the pup 

10.) A pup that has core foundations set, with daily activities that empower them. 

11.) Raised in home 

12.) Foundation training based on your needs- I.E if you have small children we work on ensuring we focus on self control 

13.) A lifetime of love and enjoyment. 

What sets us apart from other breeders: 

1.) We love all of our puppies, we consider them part of our family for their life.

2.) We start ENS and ESI at 3 days old - although this is new to the breeding world, we feel that giving our puppies the best start with new things that are coming up 

3.) We are here for you for the life of your puppy and forever, once you get one of our puppies you are part of our family forever. 

4.) We follow a process, where we expose puppies multiple different challenges on a daily basis

5.) We do puppy massages daily, with lightly tugging on ears, pulling tails, backward petting, rubbing our hands through the mouth all to ensure that the puppies are able to tolerate the puppies.


6.) We place puppies based on an evaluation, we also work to ensure the puppies fit your desired needs and your family life. If you have a small child we would not want to place a puppy with high prey drive, this pup will jump and chew on your pup. 


7.) We send you home with a huge puppy pack to ensure that you have the best start to transition to your home. 


8.) We have our vet do two sets of shots, we want to ensure that you do not have any issues, of course you need to give two more sets of shots but the first two are done for you. 


9.) We start to desensitize your pup to grooming, as this will be a daily thing with your new puppy.  Your pup will go home with at least 3 sanitary trims and paws will be cleaned up with the grooming clippers. 

10.) You will have a two year genetic guarantee with your pup. This does not include any accidents, or reactions to medications, or any environmental issues. You are required to ensure the pup gets the care that they need with yearly shots as requested by your vet. 

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