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Our Mission 

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Our mission is to ensure the we are providing the world and families with amazing dogs who fit their lifestyles. We want to ensure you have the puppy of your dreams for years to come. 


We start ESI (Early Scent Introduction) and ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) at day three. There have been scientific studies that this helps ensure better quality of life for pups.


At two and half weeks when the pups can start to hear we start noise exposer testing with pups, this will help overall noise level tolerance of the pups, including, storms and fireworks.


At three weeks old we start to gentle handling of the pups which include, gentle pulling of tail ears, putting our hands in the pups mouth, and tight holding. We also  start putting new items in the whelping box to give multiple different challenges to the pups, we continue this until they go home, to ensure they have lots of exposure to multiple different things. 

At four weeks old, the pups are up and walking around, I know it goes so fast, at this time we move them to the larger play pen to ensure they have plenty of room to run and play at their own will. We still continue daily activities, with no more than two exposures a day, this ensures that the pup also has down time. Down time is so important, because we all have times that we need the pup to be alone or calm, down time allows pups to understand that they do not need to always be stimulated. 

At six weeks, the pups go to the vet to get their first set of shots!! We do a full once over and do micro chips at this time, and the pups get a once over to ensure they are all in good health. We still continue the daily activities through this time and will start the evaluations of pups to provide for the furever homes. 

At eight and half weeks the pups go to the vet for their final fist and second set of shots, we do this to ensure that you will not have to worry about the dreaded Parvo or distemper. The pups will still require two more boosters before they are fully vaccinated, but we want to give you the best start. 

During the time they are with us they will get dewormed 5 times, once at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and just before they go home. This will ensure they are healthy and you do not have to worry about any issues with them. We recommend that you speak with your vet, but should start the pup on heartgaurd as soon as you can. 

When you take your pup home, we will discuss the health and provide you with multiple resources to ensure that you have the best transition with your new family member. 

Please see the pup page to find out all that we provide on go home day!! 

What sets us apart from other breeders: 

1.) We love all of our puppies, we consider them part of our family for their life.

2.) We start ENS and ESI at 3 days old - although this is new to the breeding world, we feel that giving our puppies the best start with new things that are coming up 

3.) We are here for you for the life of your puppy and forever, once you get one of our puppies you are part of our family forever. 

4.) We follow a process, where we expose puppies multiple different challenges on a daily basis

5.) We do puppy massages daily, with lightly tugging on ears, pulling tails, backward petting, rubbing our hands through the mouth all to ensure that the puppies are able to tolerate the puppies.


6.) We place puppies based on an evaluation, we also work to ensure the puppies fit your desired needs and your family life. If you have a small child we would not want to place a puppy with high prey drive, this pup will jump and chew on your pup. 


7.) We send you home with a huge puppy pack to ensure that you have the best start to transition to your home. 


8.) We have our vet do two sets of shots, we want to ensure that you do not have any issues, of course you need to give two more sets of shots but the first two are done for you. 


9.) We start to desensitize your pup to grooming, as this will be a daily thing with your new puppy.  Your pup will go home with at least 3 sanitary trims and paws will be cleaned up with the grooming clippers. 

10.) You will have a two year genetic guarantee with your pup. This does not include any accidents, or reactions to medications, or any environmental issues. You are required to ensure the pup gets the care that they need with yearly shots as requested by your vet. 

Miniature Goldendoodles   are pretty new to the world. But have made a bang in the world and are here to stay for a while. 

Why we love goldendoodles? They are the best of both worlds, you have the amazing Golden Retriever,  who is lovable, wants to please their owner, easily trainable, and all around great family dog. When you combine that with the beautiful curly low shedding poodle, you have  a great family dog that will not leave your couch covered in hair. .

Energetic and playful, Goldendoodles love to exercise. They’re happy to laze around on the sofa (and they make great cuddle buddies), but agility is where they shine. These dogs are great companions for active families.

Our mini Goldendoodles typically weigh between 15 to 25 pounds and love going on long walks, runs, and hikes with their owners. They are also born hunters and love to find anything they can bring back to you. 

The goldendoodle puppies may have, straight, wavy, or curly coat type depending on what genetics they have. We do Genetic testing on all of our parents to ensure that we can give you a great idea of what type of coat you will have from your pup. 

 Goldendoodles come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. 

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